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Young and Lonely Educare

"Young and Lonely" in our context here takes into consideration two key words; the first: "Young" is in relation to age, education,and a whole lot of spheres of life in which we find ourselves helpless; and which require the help of others to make life worth living. The second word: "Lonely" is not limited to parentless people only, but to all who find themselves in situations including relationships that need the help of others. We cannot do away with orphans here though; the widows and the trouble hearted; all categories of people with less or no capabilities, in need of those with the abilities to help solve out their complications; hence the name "Young and Lonely".

The Young and Lonely Foundation (YLF) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization located at Agona Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana. It is registered with the Registrar Generalís Department after having complied with the provision of Sections 27 and 28 of the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179) with registration number G. 17,715. It has, since its establishment on August 12, 1999, registered with the Department of Social Welfare and the Agona Municipal/ District Assemblies. The main aim of the foundation is to eradicate homelessness, inferiority complex and illiteracy among orphans, less privileged children, fight for human/ child rights among other aids in Agona and other surrounding Districts.
The Commission for Outreach and Community Monitoring, (COCM), is a under the YLF. The commission supports community outreach and monitoring initiatives. It is made up of well-trained personnel and experts on child healthcare and development. The mission of this commission is to develop and implement projects aimed at helping orphans and deprived children, women on the streets and in communities to be able to make a living within the Districts. The commission also aims at tapping nature hidden potentials in such children; not those harboured for formal education purposes only but also semi formal and informal education as well is a must when you count yourself a beneficiary of the YLF. Orphans and deprived children who are rendered help by the commission are integrated (institutionalized) in Saint Germain boarding school to help these children have access to very vital facilities which will erase inferiority complex in them. The children go through intensive life experiences which would be of great benefit to them so far as future lives are concerned. Documents developed in the commissionís child support laboratory revealed disturbing livelihood of children in object need of food, cloth, affirmation, care, love, shelter and sound mind in Agona.
The monitoring and recovery project is solely funded by noteworthy philanthropists and the Young and Lonely Children Education Fund. (YLCEF) The Commission, since December 2000, has been embarking on this monitoring and recovery project. The foundation's childcare unit has developed a special program and this is used in the recovery of some of the orphans / deprived children suffering from psychological disorders like deformed self image, identity conflict problems, memory relapse, concentration problems, acute phobias, chronic headaches and other mental conflicts known to be deadly disorders on the street and in ghettoes around the world. The Children Education Fund is a support program developed by the Young and Lonely Foundation (YLF) to assist in the raising of funds to support orphans, needy children recovered from the streets, slums, shanty places, ghettoes and others who are in need of education. The fund has supported the education of deprived children in Saint Germain School Complex. (SGSC) Funds are sought from other avenues for the implementation of the free education programmes. Based on our humble dignity, we look forward to soliciting such funds from organizations, companies, co-operate entities, and wealthy individuals in Ghana, and the world as a whole.
Applicants for the fund are approved based on the financial status of the Childís family or caretakers, prevailing livelihood or talents and prospects. Basically, this fund was first developed to assist in the empowerment of orphans, less privileged and homeless children in Agona District. Beneficiaries of the fund are enrolled for free in the foundations partner educational institute called The St. Germain School Complex, (SGSC) also situated in Agona Swedru.

VOLUNTARY TEACHING Help Educate the Helpless
The YLF Aims and Objectives
1. Support the basic needs such as food, medical facilities, clothing and shelter for these orphans, less privileged and homeless children.

2. Develop healthy psychological environment for recovered children from the street to restore their disturbed and dysfunctional mentality.

3. Help orphans, less privileged and homeless children to develop their talents and potentials.

4.Work in communities with the aim of human capacity development, poverty alleviation, health improvement and female gender empowerment among others.

5. In 15 years, all recovered beneficiaries under the foundation are expected to achieve their desired ambitions and meaningful livelihood in the right course of life; and the trend continues since more are yet to be recovered, by the grace of God.

The YLF Vission Statment

1. To raise not less than 1500 orphans and less privileged children in the next fifteen years.
2. To build a home and a training center with the view of training the children according to their identifiable talents.
3. There will be numerous departments including all forms of formal education such as vocational / professional training, making use of all the levels in the educational system; not forgetting the role information and communication technology plays in this computer age.
4. All forms of religious activities are encouraged. Based on this, halls would be provided for any form of religion to ensure the continuity of all these belief systems. When any child develops an interest for any of these faiths, he/she would be pushed forward since no religion, to us, is bad. As the saying goes, God is for all mankind and will judge us according to our deeds.

With God, our hope for future would be reached, Amen.

The YLF Mission Statment

YLF believes that it is essential that the future generations are well equipped since they are automatic bedrocks and future leaders of this country. The future of the country is bleak if these children are not fortified with health, love and education.

YLF are devoted to providing a strong future for vulnerable children, irrespective of their backgrounds, beliefs and identities. The Young and Lonely Foundation aim to achieve this in the following ways:

1. To provide these orphans and needy children in Agona and other Districts with the basic necessities, e.g. good education, health, clothing, shelter and accommodation if the need arises.

2. To nurture potentials in orphans and less privileged children in Agona and other Districts as well as alerting them on the modern trend of life, including fighting for their rights.

3. To work together with child right advocacy agencies in Ghana, other African countries and the entire world to support the plight of the child.

4. To fund the education of orphans and less privileged children to eradicate the overwhelming rate of illiteracy cases among children and to empower mothers through skills acquisition in order to raise their standards of living; because economically improved motherhood will surely lead to proper parenting.

5. To provide children in the boarding house with good drinking water, clothing, hygienic food, health and shelter.

6. To eradicate the skyrocketing case of illiteracy among children in the Agona and its neighboring communities by rendering free educational packages to recover homeless and unfortunate children from the streets, ghettoes and other shanty abodes

7. To provide disturbed children recovered from such shanty habitats with appropriate emotional, psychological and therapeutic supports.

8. To assist in the development of the hidden potentials in orphans, vulnerable and unfortunate children in Agona and the areas of target as far as depravity on the side of children is concerned.

There are a lot of deprived children under our support. You can also give financial, ideological or material aid to any of these children. We need donations including computers, farm equipment,instructional materials, agro-chemicals or technical advice for our Agriculture and Food Security Project. Be part of this project. You are cordially welcome.Voluntary teachers and workers are Welcome! Come let us create this peaceful union. Thank You.


YLF: The Child, our Hope for Future.